Configuring DocuSign for Salesforce System Sender for NA3 Account gets Permissions Error

Important: This article documents an issue that occurred in versions of DocuSign for Salesforce prior to 6.7.2. The recommended fix is to update the DocuSign for Salesforce managed package via the Salesforce AppExchange. The following is provided for reference only.

DocuSign accounts reside in multiple data centers. Recently there has been a change to our domain controllers that redirect calls made for EU1 data center accounts to NA3 data center accounts.
This may have an adverse effect with existing DocuSign for Salesforce accounts provisioned to EU1 DocuSign accounts, where an update to DfS 6.4.6 is mandatory.
For some other accounts, additional steps may be necessary to re-provision their accounts.

As a Salesforce Administrator, if you select the DocuSign for Salesforce app and select the DocuSign Admin tab, you may encounter the following error message:
There is an issue with your DocuSign account settings. The following permissions must all be enabled: 'Manage Account', 'Send Envelopes', 'Send on Behalf Of', and 'API Account Wide Access'. To update these settings, log in to DocuSign, select Preferences, then select Permissions.

DocuSign for Salesforce Error

This error occurs even if the settings are properly set.

Steps to Reprovision DocuSign EU1 account through DocuSign for Salesforce

Verify you have Remote Site Settings for NA3
• As Salesforce Administrator, select Setup | Administer | Security Controls | Remote Site Settings
• If there is no listed under the Remote Site URL:

o Click on New Remote Site
o In Remote Site Name, type in any description
o In Remote Site URL, enter

 Remote Site

Reprovision account through DocuSign Admin | Account
• As Salesforce Administrator, select DocuSign for Salesforce from the App Menu
• Select DocuSign Admin tab
• Select Account | Modify Account Configuration
User-added image
• On the “Log In to your DocuSign Account” page, enter the following:

o Email Address: your DocuSign account username (e.g.
o Password: your DocuSign account password
o Environment: select “Other”
o Other Environment: type in (NOTE: trailing forward slash is required)

DocuSign for Salesforce
• Click on Log In
• At this point, you should receive the message “DocuSign account login successful”
• On the Connect DocuSign to Salesforce page, enter the following:

o Salesforce Username: enter your Salesforce username
o Salesforce Password: enter your Salesforce password
o Environment: select Production
o Enable the checkbox for “I agree to add the remote site and network access necessary for communication with DocuSign”
o Click on Connect