PowerForm error: This document may no longer be signed


Unable to submit form data. Error: This document may no longer be signed. Please contact whoever provided you with this document for further details.


Issue 1:
The PowerForm administrator has set a limit for that particular document and the limit has been reached. As the error states, you will need to contact the PowerForm's administrator to clear or reset that limit.

Issue 2:
The PowerForm Sender user account was closed so the PowerForm no longer has a Sender associated with it. 


Solution 1:
This error is related to a limit set on an individual PowerForm. It is not related to any account-wide document send limits.
If you are the PowerForm's administrator, you can reset that limit by following these steps.


  1. From the home page, select Templates
  2. Click on the template with the active PowerForm to open the Details page
  3. In the Associated PowerForms section, select Actions > Edit PowerForm
  4. In the Edit PowerForm panel, you can either uncheck Set Usage Limit by Quantity to remove this restriction, or change the Maximum # of Submissions appropriately.
  5. Click Update - the change will take effect immediately and the PowerForm will be available at the same address.

Solution 2:

If you are the PowerForm's administrator, check to see if the PowerForm has a sender associated with it   (Manage > PowerForms)

If the PowerForm Sender user account was closed, you will need to change the PowerForm Sender to someone else that is active on the account.

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