Rooms for Real Estate - Performing a bulk download of documents

From the DocuSign Transaction Rooms web application, you can perform a bulk download of your documents to your hard drive or other backup systems.

Note: You must have access or view privileges to the document in order to download it.

Bulk downloading documents in a transaction room

You can bulk download documents inside a Transaction Room or from your My Docs folder. A downloaded document is no longer linked to the original document in your DocuSign Transaction Room account, so any changes you make to the downloaded document outside of DocuSign Transaction Rooms will not be reflected in your document in the Transaction Room application.

  1. From the home screen, click My Docs or Transactions and navigate to the desired folder or Transaction Room.
  2. Move the pointer over the document you wish to select, then click the circle icon. A check mark will display when a document is selected.

    Note: To select all documents in the current folder or Transaction Room, click Select All.
  3. Click the Download icon.

    Note: If multiple files are selected, a ZIP file will be created. The DocuSign Transaction Room web application will display the estimated time to download the ZIP file.
  4. When prompted, click Download.

    Note: This process may differ slightly based on your web browser.

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