Payments - Invalid Zip Code Error From



When trying to use a Payments tag in a DocuSign document, the signer gets an error that the zip code field is incorrect even though there is no zip code field.


Authorize.Net has a fraud tool called “Address Verification Service”.  If the customer uses AVS, the system requires a zip code to avoid credit card fraud. DocuSign Payments does not currently have a way to submit this information to Authorize.Net.


If a DocuSign customer (merchant) has DocuSign Payments transactions (through Authorize.Net) failing and sees error messages about billing zip code not matching or billing address not matching, they should try:
  1. Log into their Authorize.Net account
  2. Click on the “Account” option near the top
  3. On the Settings page, find the Security Settings section and click on the Address Verification Service option (see screenshot)
  4. Adjust the AVS settings to allow transactions that don’t include billing address, billing zip code, etc.
Once is set to no longer require this information the error should stop.
 Location of Setting in Authorize.Net

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