Payments – Envelope Won’t Load for Signer


You’ve sent an envelope for signature with a Payments field.  Your signer clicks the link in the email to access the envelope, but reports that the contents of the envelope don’t load.  Instead, they see a loading screen that never finishes loading.


If an envelope contains a Payment Item field that is a Formula (automatically calculated based on the numbers in other fields), and your account is not configured to permit Formula fields, this error may occur.


There are two different ways you can verify if this behavior is caused by your account lacking the necessary permission.
  1. Either create a new envelope or correct the existing envelope.  Navigate to the tagging page (where you add fields to the document), and look at the Standard Fields area on the left.  If you do not see a “Formula” field, then this confirms that your account is missing a feature necessary to use a Payment Item field that is calculated as a Formula.

    Tagging Screen
  2. Have the signer use the Developer Tool feature of their chosen web browser (F12 key in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome).  The signer will want to click on the link in their email to access the envelope, and then open the Developer Tool panel while they are seeing the loading screen.  Once the panel opens, navigate to the Network tab, and look for any error messages.  The specific error message will vary, but should begin with “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property…”.

    Developer Tool


An Administrator of the DocuSign account can first check to see if Formula Fields have been disabled on the account.

  1. As an Admin user, log into DocuSign.
  2. Click on the profile portrait in the upper-right, and select Go to Admin.
  3. Select “Sending Settings” from the left, under Signing and Sending.
  4. Under Fields and Properties, look for “Enable formula field (calculated field).  If you see this option, enable it and click Save.  If the field is already enabled, try disabling it, saving, then re-enabling it and saving again.
  5. Admin Console
  6. Have the signer try accessing the envelope again.  As long as the feature is enabled on the sending account, no further changes need to be made to the envelope in question.
  7. If toggling the feature does not resolve the issue, or if the feature is not present under the Sending Settings area, contact DocuSign Support for further assistance.  If Support receives a request from an Admin on the account to enable Formula Fields, they will be able to enable the feature, and can assist with further troubleshooting if necessary.

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