Options for Removing Users From a Brokerage - Rooms for Real Estate v5

Removing DocuSign Account Holders

You can close a DocuSign User's account to remove them from your brokerage

  • Once you close a user, they will no longer have access to templates or envelopes.
  • If the User is reactivated after being closed, they will have access to any envelopes that were not forwarded or transferred, as well as any templates that were not shared.
  • Steps to Close User are available in the Admin Users Guide starting on page 51.
  • Close User is available via the DocuSign API.

What happens if there are pending envelopes?

  • Envelopes sent prior to a user being closed can still be completed by the recipients.
  • The account Admin can Share Documents for pending envelopes for a closed user.
  • Transfer Envelopes

Do agents get to keep their envelopes for historic purposes?

  • Once you close a User, they no longer have access to templates or envelopes, but the User still exists within account and can be reactivated.
  • The Admin can still access the user’s data.
  • Templates
  • The Admin can share templates 

Sharing Templates is available via the API.

Removing DocuSign Transaction Rooms Account Holders

Remove a DocuSign Transaction Rooms User from your brokerage

    Do Broker Agents retain access to rooms and documents when their account is removed from the brokerage? No. Their account will delete irreversibly.

    • When a brokerage removes an agent, the brokerage will be prompted to transfer all the agent’s owned rooms before they are able to remove the agent.
    • If the agent wishes to retain anything in their “My Docs” or “Inbox”, they will need to download those items prior to being removed from the brokerage. Likewise, if the agent wishes to retain documents from any rooms they may have owned prior to joining the brokerage, they will need to download those before being removed. Once all the owned rooms are transferred, the brokerage will be able to remove the agent (which is immediate and irreversible). 

    Broker Agent removal is available via API (by member ID)

    • You can't remove Broker Agent member if they own any transactions.
    • The rooms will need to be transferred to other agents before removing.

    For Broker Managers

    • If removed, they no longer have any type of access.
    • This is done because Broker Managers inherit a lot of Transaction Rooms and document ownership (without explicitly being added) and it’s difficult to remove a Broker Manager and then allow them to buy Broker Agent account.
    • Broker Manager removal is avail via API (by Member ID).

    Lock Account

    • Locks user out so they can no longer log in.
    • Nothing happens to any of their transactions/documents.
    • A Company Admin can Lock Account.
    • This only locks account in DocuSign Transaction Rooms, not in DocuSign
    • Broker Owner and Broker Managers still have same permissions they had for that user’s data

    What happens if there are pending transactions?

    • If you remove a Broker Manager or Broker Agent, you have to transfer the documents/transactions.
    • If you Lock Account, documents and Transaction Rooms remain in the same state.

    What if the entire brokerage account is removed/locked, does anyone retain access to rooms and documents?

    • Currently you cannot remove Offices
    • You can remove all the agents etc. from an Office to “remove brokerage”.