One Login for Transaction Rooms Customers using 3rd Party Integrations

In order to leverage some DocuSign 3rd party integrations your DocuSign Signature and Transaction Rooms accounts will need to be set up with One Login, which allows you to use one set of credentials to access both eSign and Transaction Rooms and easily switch between them.

NOTE: There is also an integration option available in Transaction Rooms (Settings – eSignature Settings) that allows you to link your accounts in order to send DocuSign Signature envelopes directly from Transaction Rooms. This is not the same as enabling the One Login feature. One Login must be enabled in order to use some DocuSign third party integrations.

More information on enabling the ability to send DocuSign Signature envelopes directly from Transaction Rooms is available here .

Please follow the steps below to set up One Login:

  1. Link your DocuSign eSignature and Transaction Rooms accounts using this step by step guide or this video .
  2. If you are unable to link your accounts please log in to our Support Portal to determine who your DocuSign Account Manager is.
  3. Once you’ve identified your DocuSign Account Manager, please email them with the following information. PLEASE NOTE: Only the Admin on your DocuSign account can request that changes be made to the Brokerage level account.
a. Date:
b. Your Name:
c. Your Phone Number:
d. Are you the Admin of this account?
i. If no, please have your Admin contact the Account Manager
e. Account Manager Name:
f. Account Name:
g. Account Address:
h. Request: I am interested in using One Login for my DocuSign eSignature and Transaction Rooms accounts. If possible, can you please verify that my account has access to the New DocuSign Experience and Transaction Rooms? If not, can you enable these features for me?
4. Once your DocuSign Account Manager has confirmed changes have been made, please refer to this page for step by step instructions on how to link your DocuSign eSignature and Transaction Rooms account.​