Offline access not supported in DocuSign Mobile App for iOS v3

Beginning August 31, 2020, DocuSign Mobile users on iOS devices will be prompted to update to version 3 of the DocuSign Mobile app. At this time, v3 does not support the Offline Mode feature available in v2. Support for Offline Mode in our v3 app is being developed, and should be available in late 2020 or early 2021.

iOS users who rely on the Offline Mode feature will need to need to download a separate app called "DS - Legacy", which is available in the App Store here . The DS - Legacy app is a copy of the previous version of the iOS app. You will be able to access Offline Mode within the DS - Legacy app, and use all updated features on DocuSign Mobile v3 simultaneously.

In addition:

  • Any envelopes signed offline and not synced prior to this update will not be cached during the update.  We recommend you download any unsynced envelopes before updating to v3.  Once you have downloaded the “DS - Legacy” app, it will continue to cache and sync envelopes.
  • While both apps can and should be downloaded, only the v3 app will receive push notifications.
  • Only users with iOS devices are be affected by this update, Android users will remain unaffected.

If you have any questions about this change, please visit our Contact Support page and create a case.