New DocuSign Experience FAQs

What is the New DocuSign Experience?

The New DocuSign Experience makes sending and managing documents easier, faster and more intuitive than ever.

How do I know what the New Experience looks like?

Below you can see a comparison of the Classic and New Experience home pages. To identify which one you have, log into DocuSign and you will see one of these two versions.

User-added image

I am using the Classic DocuSign Experience, can I stay with the that?

All customers will be transitioned to the New DocuSign Experience by June 2018.


Are the features the same in the two experiences?

Many features of the Classic DocuSign Experience are the same in the New DocuSign Experience. Review the Feature Availability list for additional details about the current functionality.

We are adding additional capabilities regularly. Features coming in future releases of the new experience include:

  • Shared Folders, Templates, and Tags
  • Localization
  • Advanced Recipient Types

How does the new experience affect my signers?

The New DocuSign Experience is an enhancement to the sending experience only. Using it will not affect your signers or change their signing experience. Your signers will continue to have the same signing experience no matter which DocuSign sending experience you use.

Both the classic and new experience enable users to initiate a signing action from within the application.

Plans and Pricing

Is the new DocuSign experience free?

There is no additional cost to using the New DocuSign Experience. It is included as part of your plan.

Is the New DocuSign Experience available to Small Business or Enterprise customers?

Yes. The New DocuSign Experience is available to all DocuSign accounts. 


Is the New DocuSign Experience available on my mobile device?

DocuSign has native mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Windows Phone platforms. DocuSign customers can log into any of these apps with the same credentials as on a web browser. However, if you prefer to send and manage documents through your mobile browser instead of a native mobile application, the new experience will indeed be available.


Is the New DocuSign Experience available in custom and 3rd-party integrations?

The New DocuSign Experience is available in custom and 3rd-party integrations. It is enabled by the DocuSign user, or the DocuSign account admin for multi-user accounts. We recommend customers using a custom or 3rd party application test in Demo prior to turning it on in Production.

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