Managing Bulk Send Envelopes

To help customers manage their bulk send envelopes, we are introducing a new Bulk Sends section to the Manage page.  This section organizes all envelopes for each bulk send into a batch. Through the batch, you can retrieve and take actions on the individual envelopes from a bulk send.

The new Bulk Sends section is compatible with bulk send v2 only. Only envelopes sent with bulk send v2 are included in the new batch management views.  

Preview of changes

Here are the new bulk send management views. 

Bulk Sends batch list

Batch details list

What are the main actions for the new views?

For each of the new views, there are several tasks you can accomplish: 

  1. Bulk Sends batch list:
    • See a list of all bulk send batches from your account
    • Check the batch-level status and progress for each bulk send
    • Check for batch errors in a bulk send (errors preventing envelopes from being sent)
    • Access the list of all envelopes within a bulk send batch 
  2. Batch details list
    • Review the list of envelopes in a batch
    • Find and fix errors in the batch (envelopes that failed to send)
    • Manage individual envelopes in a bulk send batch: transfer, download, correct, resend and any other valid actions 
    • Copy the batch ID for a batch
    • Rename a batch

Note: For both of these views, a page refresh is required to see progress and status updates.

When you can expect to see these changes

The rollout for these changes will begin in early September and conclude at the end of the month. Users will see these changes in Demo and Production on the dates outlined below: 

  • Demo account rollout
  • September 7:     5% of Demo accounts
  • September 9:     25% of Demo accounts
  • September 14:   50% of Demo accounts
  • September 16:   100% of Demo accounts  
  • Production account rollout
  • September 20:    5% of Production accounts
  • September 22:    25% of Production accounts
  • September 27:    50% of Production accounts
  • September 29:    100% of Production accounts



Can I move batch envelopes into a folder?

No. Batch envelopes cannot be moved into personal folders.

Will bulk send envelopes still appear in the Sent folder?

Yes.  As they do today, bulk send envelopes will continue to appear in the Sent folder. We are adding the Bulk Sends section to give users the benefit of seeing their bulk sends grouped into batches for more efficient management and easy identification of batch errors.

How can I prepare?

To facilitate a smooth transition to adapting to these updates for your account, once the changes are available in your Demo or Production account, we recommend these next steps:

  1. Test and update any workflows or testing processes that rely on locating and acting on bulk send envelopes.
  2. Review and update any internal documentation that contains references to managing bulk send envelopes.

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