Locating and Using the Application Switcher

The DocuSign global product header includes an application switcher item in the upper left-hand corner. The application switcher allows you to switch seamlessly between DocuSign applications without having to log into each application individually.


The product options will be populated based on which items you have available. You may see eSignature, CLM, and Org Admin.

There will be a black bar next to the product you are currently in. The picture above shows that the user is currently in the DocuSign eSignature application. From this menu they have the option to switch to CLM or Org Admin.

If you are viewing the menu on a mobile device or a minimized browsing window, your menu options will show the applications menu as well as the name of the DocuSign product you are using. Clicking on the product will take you to the My Apps menu. In the example below, the user is in the eSignature application, and will click on eSignature to return to the My Apps menu.