Link Your Rooms for Real Estate Company Admin Account

Note: See the updated steps to link your admin account in How to Link Your eSignature and Rooms Admin Accounts.

To continue to meet or exceed national and international security standards, DocuSign is requiring all Rooms for Real Estate users to create their One DocuSign Identity, or one set of login credentials, to access their DocuSign products. This means users must use one email and password to access both their DocuSign eSignature and Rooms for Real Estate accounts.
As the Company Admin of your brokerage’s Rooms for Real Estate account, you must link your Rooms for Real Estate account to your eSignature account to continue to log on to Rooms for Real Estate and to add or edit members. Company Admins must link their accounts first. At a later date, we will provide additional instructions to help other members of your brokerage link their accounts.


Confirm your Rooms for Real Estate Admin is also an eSignature Admin

You, as the Rooms for Real Estate Admin, must also have an eSignature Admin account. You must use the same email address to log on to both Admin accounts. Follow these steps to verify this:

  1. Log on to your company eSignature account.
  2. Click Go to Admin.Click Go to Admin
  3. Under USERS AND GROUPS, click Users.Click Users.
  4. Find the email address associated with the Rooms for Real Estate Admin account.
  5. Verify that it has the DS Admin permission set.Check for DS Admin permission.
  6. If everything looks good, continue to the next section. If you don’t see your Rooms for Real Estate Admin listed as a DS Admin, you can add it by following these steps:
    1. Click Add User.
    2. Enter the necessary information.
    3. For the Permission Set, select DS Admin.
    4. Click Add User.
    5. Activate this account by following the instructions in the email you’ll receive.

Link your Admin accounts to create your One DocuSign Identity

Now that you have confirmed that you have a Rooms for Real Estate Admin and an eSignature Admin account, and that both use the same email address, follow these steps to link the accounts:
  1. Log on to your eSignature Admin account.
  2. Click the profile icon in the upper right corner. Click Switch to Rooms for Real Estate.Click Switch to Transaction Rooms.
  3. If you just created this account, you’ll be prompted to reenter your eSignature credentials.
  4. The Link your DocuSign accounts page appears. Enter your Rooms for Real Estate Admin credentials.Enter Admin credentials.
  5. Click SIGN IN AND LINK.

Your Admin accounts are now linked, and you can switch back and forth between the products. Going forward, use your eSignature credentials to log on to both Rooms for Real Estate and eSignature.