Limit Specific Users' Envelopes from being published with DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce Connect Configuration Settings


With DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce installed, one can limit the ability for Users' Envelopes from being published to Salesforce. Alternatively, one can also choose to have all Users' Envelopes affected by the DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce Connect configuration. The publishing of sensitive information (such as offer letters) can be limited in Salesforce on a User by User basis by using the "Select users to include" option under Associated Users in Connect for Salesforce configuration.

If Envelope data and statuses from a DocuSign User aren't showing up in Salesforce, that User may be affected by the Associated Users setting in the Connect for Salesforce configuration.

See this more in depth article on DocuSign Connect for Salesforce. 

When "all users" is selected in Connect for Salesforce configuration, all Envelope statuses are published to Salesforce, for all DocuSign Users ("Senders"), including completed documents if selected. This includes when Senders send from Salesforce and the DocuSign web application. 
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If Envelopes are sent from the DocuSign web application directly, and the DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce install package is activated and configured properly, the Envelope statuses will be published to the DocuSign Status object in Salesforce, but not to a record in Salesforce. 



If the "All Users" option is chosen under the Associated Users section in Connect, Connect will publish all the Envelope Statuses back to Salesforce for all Users on the DocuSign Account. 

If "Select users to include" under the Associated Users section in Connect is selected, then all new users added to the DocuSign Account will by default be added to the "Available" list, and will not therefore be affected by Connect or Publish, unless manually added to the "Selected" section.

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Please note: If a user is selected, all envelope data is pushed to Salesforce, even if they have sent an envelope from eSignature. If the envelope was not sent from Salesforce, a generic DocuSign Status will be created in Salesforce, but not tied to a specific Salesforce object (other than the new status record created).