DocuSign Legal FAQ


This guide is intended to provide answers to commonly asked DocuSign legal questions.  This guide does not provide legal or any other advice, nor does it create an attorney-client relationship between DocuSign and customers.  If you have additional legal questions, especially concerning the legality of eSignature and e-documents, you must obtain answers from independent counsel.


  1. I would like to know more about DocuSign’s compliance program.  For general information on DocuSign’s compliance program, please visit the following links:,, and For a copy of DocuSign's Security and Trust Assurance Packet, see
  2. I would like a copy of DocuSign’s certificates, reports, or need DocuSign to complete a questionnaire (sometimes called a Due Diligence Request):  Please contact Customer Support.  Note: This service is only available with certain plans. You may be directed to contact Sales to sign up for an appropriate plan.

Copyright; IP

  1. Someone is infringing on my copyright and I would like to make a complaint.  Please visit "How to Report Infringement to DocuSign" (  


  1. I am receiving fraudulent emails/spam.  Please visit DocuSign’s Trust Center’s “Recognizing and Reporting Suspicious Activities” (  You also may forward any suspicious emails to  Please note that you will not receive a response to any forwarded emails.
  2. Someone stole my identity/used my signature on a document.  DocuSign is unable to provide you with any information regarding transactions to which you are not a party, absent a valid and formal legal process. Please obtain the relevant information directly from the DocuSign account holder or through a legal process.  For more information on legal process, please visit DocuSign’s "Law Enforcement Guidelines" (


  1. I would like to review/sign a Business Associate Agreement.  DocuSign will sign a Business Associate Addendum with Customers who are required by law to comply with HIPAA, such as HIPAA Covered Entities and HIPAA Business Associates. Please contact Customer Support.  Note: This service is only available with certain plans. You may be directed to contact Sales to sign up for an appropriate plan.

Legality of eSignature/eDocuments

  1. Are electronic/digital signatures legal in ____ country? Please visit DocuSign’s "eSignature Legality Guide" (  Please note that the information in the eSignature Legality Guide is for general information purposes only.  DocuSign does not guarantee that all information in the guide is current or correct.  For legal advice or representation on this issue, please contact a licensed attorney in their area.
  2. Is the document or contract I sign via DocuSign binding?  DocuSign does not provide legal services, and as such, cannot provide legal advice.  If you are concerned a contract or other document is non-binding, please contact a licensed attorney in your area.


  1. I would like more information on DocuSign’s privacy program.  Please visit DocuSign’s Trust Center, namely "Privacy Overview" ( and DocuSign’s "Data Protection Trust Guide" (
  2. I would like to review DocuSign’s BCRs.  You can review DocuSign’s BCR-P and BCR-C CSB codes on the Trust Center, respectively and  General information on DocuSign’s codes can be found here:
  3. I need proof of approval of DocuSign’s BCRs.  You can find proof of approval of DocuSign’s BCRs here:
  4. I need a Data Processing Agreement (also called a Data Protection Attachment or Addendum on our website) with DocuSign.  Please contact Customer Support.  For general information, visit:
  5. I would like to negotiate my Data Processing Agreement with DocuSign.  Please contact Customer Support.  To ensure a uniform approach across our customer base, we generally do not modify the DocuSign DPA for individual customers and are unable to entertain customer-specific terms.  DocuSign’s customers successfully rely on our Data Processing Addendum (“DPA”) and related security practices, compliance standards, data handling procedures, and systems. Our DPA has been drafted to clearly and accurately describe the manner in which DocuSign consistently provides its services to all of its customers.
  6. Where can I submit a request invoking my privacy rights in regards to my relationship with DocuSign?  Please visit or more details. 

Subpoena/Law Enforcement Requests

  1. How do I serve a subpoena/what information do you produce?  For all inquiries, see DocuSign’s "Law Enforcement Guidelines" (