DocuSign CLM - How to test a Scheduled Rule

If you are building a scheduled rule, there is a method for testing to make sure that it will run as expected. Unfortunately, there is not a button to run the rule at-will for testing, so you’ll have to follow these steps to make sure your rule is set up as expected.

Schedule - Test by changing date/time to something more testable.

Since your rule may be intended to run a week or a month from now, you’ll need to change the time to something a little closer. It helps to give yourself a little bit of a buffer, as you’ll need to navigate to a couple other areas of DocuSign CLM, so rather than set it for 1 minute from now, consider setting it 5, 10 or 15 minutes in the future to give yourself enough time to ensure everything is configured correctly. (Also, be sure you’ve set the recurrence to a range that matches what day you are currently on.)

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Save Rules in the Correct Order

A little known fact of the scheduled rule/schedule relationship is that you must save them in the correct order in order for the changes to take effect. The correct save order is (1) Schedule (2) Schedule Rule. If you forget to save one or do this out of order, the schedule will not fire as expected.

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Enable Scheduled Rule

Any time a Smart Rule or Scheduled Rule is saved, it is automatically disabled as a preventative measure. In order to run it, you’ll need to enable it.

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Wait until the allotted time and your rule should fire. If all is successful, set the time/date for its official configuration. Save in the correct order and enable.

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