How to print an entire Excel Workbook to a single PDF file using OmniSign

1.Open the Excel workbook.
2. Right-click the tab for any sheets contained in the workspace.  By default, the sheet tabs are named Sheet1, Sheet2, etc.  
3. Choose the Select All Sheets option, which selects all the sheets in the workspace. Selected sheet tabs will have a white background like an active sheet tab would have.

 User-added image
4. Open the Page Layout ribbon.  Select the options desired for the resulting printed pages.
5. Navigate to File > Print Preview and review how pages will appear when printed to PDF.  If no changes to the printing options are required, go to File > Print, select the Entire Workbook option under Print What, and ARX CoSign OmniSign Printer from the Printer name section. 
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6. Click OK to create the PDF file.   7. OmniSign will open the converted Excel workbook and allow you to sign it.

Note:  Alternatively, you can resolve this issue by setting the ARX CoSign OmniSign Printer as your default printer.