How to create a Task List Template - Rooms for Real Estate v5

Task Lists have replaced the previous document checklist and are created in the same manner, with some enhanced abilities. To create a Task List Template, you will need access to the Admin section. This section is only available to the System Admin account or a Manager account with the required permissions.

To Create a Task List Template: 

1. Click on the Admin icon in the upper right.
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2. Click on the Company tab.

3. Click on Task List Templates, which is found within the menu on the left side.
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4. Click NEW.
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5. Enter a name for the new Tasks List Template.

6. Click ADD TASK.
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7. Enter a Task Name.

8. Enter a Task Description. This is optional but may be of assistance to Tasks that don’t require documents. For example, a Task that requires the Agent to enter specific information into the Details tab. In the description area, you would specify which information is needed.
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9. Click the dropdown from the due date section labeled SELECT DUE DATE. You can choose from the following options which are dates specified within the individual Transaction Rooms Details tab.
- Actual Close Date
- Binding Date
- Contract Date
- Contingency Removal Date
- Expected Closing Date
- Listing Date
- Listing Expiration Date
- Offer Date

Note: The specific date for this due date is based off of the Transaction Room's Details tab data. For example, if you select Listing Date, this task will look to the Transaction Room's Listing Date for the specific date for this task when it's applied to the Transaction Room. If the Listing Date is 1/1/2017, the task's due date will be based off of 1/1/2017.

10. Set the DATE OFFSET for a Task by selecting a +/- day(s) that the Task would need to be completed within. This offset date is based on the date entered in the Details tab of a Transaction Room for the specific Due Date you selected prior. For example: A Task due date is being set for a “Buyers Contract”. The due date selected is Contract Date, and the date offset is +2 days. This means that if a Transaction Rooms contract date is set as 1/1/2015 (this would be entered within the details tab of a specific Transaction Room), the due date would be set for 1/3/2015.

- Requires Approval: If enabled, this Task would require Manager approval before the Transaction Room can be Closed if turned on. If disabled, this Task would be optional.
- Owners Can Edit: If enabled, Agents would be able to edit the Details of the Task. If the Task is marked required, the Agent would not be allowed to edit that permission.  
- Owners Can Delete: If enabled, the Agent would be able to delete the Task. This permission is utilized for Tasks that may not be applicable to all Transactions.

12. Click ADD from within the Documents area to add a document to the Task.
- If a document is needed, enter the document name and click SAVE.

13. Click ADD from within the People area to this Task. You can add Assignees (the person who needs to take action on the Task) and Watchers (the person who has visibility to the Task).
- Click the circle on the left to enable the row.
- Select a Role. If the Role is specific to one side of a Transaction, specify which side of the Transaction Room they are on within the middle dropdown menu. For example, if the Real Estate Agent role is selected, you would need to select from List Side, Buy Side, or Refinance.
- Select if this person will be an Assignee or a Watcher.
- Repeat this process for as many people you need to assign the Task to.
- Click SAVE.
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14. Click ADD from within the Reminders area to add a reminder for the specific Task.
- Click the SELECT REMINDER DATE dropdown and specify from which specific Transaction Room date you’d like this reminder to hinge upon.
- Select +/- how many days you’d like the Assignee’s to be reminded that an upcoming Task is due. This works similarly to the Task due date.
- Click APPLY when finished with this specific Task.
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Note: Repeat steps 6-14 for any additional Tasks you’d like to add to the Task List Template.

15. If you’d like this Task List Template to be enabled for specific Office(s) or Region(s), click the ALL REGIONS AND OFFICE dropdown and select Region or Office.
- Click in the open box to the right to show all available Office or Regions to choose from. You may choose 1 or more Offices or Regions.
- Click SAVE when finished.
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16. When finished with the entire Task List Template, click SAVE.

Copy Task List Templates
Follow the steps below to quickly create a new task list template that is similar to an existing task list template.
1. While logged into Rooms for Real Estate, once in the Admin section, click the COMPANY tab.
2. Click Task List Templates and find the task list template you would like to copy.
3. Click the arrow next to EDIT, then click Copy.
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4. You have now created a copy of the task list template. Change the title and add or edit current tasks, then click SAVE.