How to backup Signature Appliance database

The DocuSign Signature Appliance.

Backing up the Signature Appliance

To perform a backup of the Signature Appliance database, follow the below instructions:
1. Open the Signature Appliance client and Choose “Appliances Management”;
2. In the Appliances Management window, right-click the Signature Appliance you wish to back up;
3. From the popup menu, select All Tasks -> Backup, as seen in the screenshot below;
4.The Select a File dialog box appears
5. Choose a secure location, name the file appropriately and choose save.
6. The Signature Appliance backup in progress status bar will appear.
7. When the backup operation is complete, the following message will appear:  Backup finished successfully.

Points to note
- Very Important: After any upgrade, a backup of the appliance must be performed.
- Very Important: A backup procedure should be scheduled periodically to enable quick recovery in the event that important information is removed from the DocuSign Signature Appliance or in case of any appliance hardware problem.
- Note:  Backups can be performed using the command line utility GetBackup.exe.
- Note: The backup operation is not relevant when Signature Appliance is deployed in a Common Criteria EAL4+ mode.

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