Rooms for Real Estate - How to add or move documents to folders

How to add or move documents to folders in Rooms for Real Estate

You can now add as many folders as needed within a transaction room. There are a few different ways of moving documents into these folders.
To add a document to a Transaction Room folder:

Drag and Drop:
  1. Click on the document you’d like to drag into a folder.
  2. With your click still engaged, drag the document to the area where your folder is shown within the transaction room.
  3. The page will auto-refresh, and the document will then live within the desired folder.
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Note: You can drag documents into different folders, or even on to task lists in the same manner. Dropping a document onto a task will move that document into the task place holder if there is no document currently filling that task. You can also drop a new document into a task place holder that already has a document, the new document will replace the old document. The old document that’s being replaced will be moved back to its previous location, either in a folder or the Transaction Docs folder.

Move to Folder:
  1. Open the document preview for the document you’d like to move to a folder.
  2. Click the Document Actions button in the upper right.
  3. Click Move to Folder.
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  1. Click the dropdown menu and select from which folder you’d like to place that document.
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  1. Finalize by clicking Move.
Note: You can right click on any document to use the Move to Folder option as well.
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Note: Click the down arrow to the left of each folder to expand or collapse the folder. This expanding or collapsing feature will persist within that specific Transaction Room as long as the cookies aren’t cleared within your browser. You can sign out and sign back in, and the folders will remain as you left them.            

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