How to Use the Transaction Room's Task Tab


Select the Tasks tab within a Transaction Room to view every task list and individual task applied to that specific transaction. 

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From the tasks tab you can utilize many features:

Task Finder: Dynamic search is available for all Tasks. Simply type in the name of a Task and the Tasks area will display the corresponding Task.
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Sorting: By clicking either drop down next to the Task Finder will provide you several sorting options.
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  • Display Orders: Due date (Earliest), Due Date (Latest), Task Name (A-Z), Task Name (Z-A), Owner (A-Z), Owner (Z-A)
  • Task Type: All Tasks, My Open Tasks, Tasks I Own, Past Due Tasks, Needs My Review
Multiple Task Lists
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Each Task List will be shown with their title listed in the upper left.

Within each Task List, all individual Tasks will be shown.

Each Task has a required action that is needed. This could be either marking a Task complete (A Task that doesn’t require a document) or adding a document to a Task, which will change the status of that Task from Required to Needs Review.

Each Task List will have it's Due Date, Associated Document, Assigned To, and Reminders information listed at a glance.

To select a Task, simply click on the Task while in either Grid, or List View.
Tasks that don’t include documentation are required to be marked complete.
Tasks that require a document are marked Needs Review as soon as a document is added to the Task.
Bulk actions are available for selected Tasks. Agents can mark multiple documents as complete by selecting one or more documents and clicking the circle on the upper left of each document within the Task. Managers can bulk review tasks by selecting one or more of the Tasks and then selecting the Review icon.

Note: To mark a Task complete click the circle on the upper left of the document within the Task, and then click the Mark Complete icon.
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Add A Task
By clicking ADD in the upper right corner, you can add a Task to one of your already added Task Lists without affecting the Task List Template. User-added image
Available Actions
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Many options are available within the ACTIONS drop down in the upper right.

  • Attach Task List – This allows you to choose from a list of Task Lists Templates that have been created by the Brokerage.
  • Remove Task List – This allows you to remove a Task List.
  • Submit Task List – This allows you to submit an entire Task List for review. All Tasks need to be completed before submitting a Task for review.
  • Review Task List – This allows manager accounts (with required permissions) to review 1 or more Task Lists. Task lists cannot be reviewed until the Task List items are completed.
  • Submit Transaction – This allows the agent or manager to submit the entire Transaction for final review.
  • Delete Transaction – Agent and managers (with required permissions) can delete the entire Transaction Room. Note that the Transaction Room will not be recoverable after deletion. 

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