DocuSign Rooms for Real Estate - How to Use the Task Dashboard

How do I utilize the Tasks Dashboard? 

The Tasks tab in the Dashboard section provides you with a list of everything that needs your attention, including past-due and coming-due Tasks you are responsible for, Tasks needing review or declined, documents needing review, Task Lists needing review, and Transaction Room needing review. 

To access your Tasks Dashboard:
  1. Sign into your broker edition agent or manager account.
  2. You will be automatically brought to the Dashboard section. Click TASKS to view all of your personal tasks. 
User-added image
  1. Each time you sign into DocuSign Rooms, the product will default to the Activity area of the Dashboard.
How to utilize the Tasks Dashboard:

Transaction Room Submitted for Review: User-added image

Task List Submitted for Review: User-added image

Take List in Need of Review (will display the document type): User-added image

  • Begin typing in the name of the Task you’d like to search for. The finder is a dynamic search function that will immediately display any Task or Transaction Room that needs your review or attention.
 User-added image
The following sorting options will allow you to filter all of your tasks down to the desired task you’d like to review. 
Due Date, Task Name, and Transaction Room Name: User-added image
All Status, Declined, and Needs Review: User-added image
All Item Types, Tasks, Task Lists, and Submitted Transaction Rooms: User-added image
Past Due, Due in the next week, Due in the next 2 weeks, and Due in the next Month:  User-added image

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