How to Set Up Task Due Dates

How do I set up Task due dates?

To set up a Task due date, you’ll need access to the admin section of your brokerage. This section is only available to the system admin account and the manager account(s) with the required permissions.

  1. Click on the Admin icon in the upper right.
  2. Click on the Company tab.
  3. Click on Task List Templates, which is found within the menu on the left side.
  4. Select the Task List you’d like to add a Task with a due date.
  5. Click on an existing Task or click ADD TASK to view the task option page.
  6. Click the dropdown from the due date section labeled SELECT DUE DATE. You can choose from the following options which are dates specified within individual Transaction Rooms:
    • Actual Close Date
    • Binding Date
    • Contract Date
    • Contingency Removal Date
    • Expected Closing Date
    • Listing Date
    • Listing Expiration Date
    • Offer Date
Note: Each due date option listed above is found within the Transaction Rooms details tab.
  1. Set the DATE OFFSET for the task by selecting a +/- day(s) that the task needs to be completed within. This offset date is based on the date entered in the details tab of a Transaction Room for the specific Due Date you selected prior. For example: A task due date is being set for Buyers Contract. The due date selected is Contract Date and the date offset is +2 days. This means that if a Transaction Rooms contract date is set as 1/1/2015 (this would be entered within the details tab of a specific Transaction Room), the due date would be set for 1/3/2015.
Note: The date offset is tied to a date entered into the details tab manually. If the date is not entered into the details tab, a due date cannot be set.
  1. Click APPLY when finished. 

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