Rooms for Real Estate - How to Send and Receive a Fax

All paid DocuSign Transaction Rooms accounts include an allowance of 300 outbound fax pages per month. Faxing functionality is available from the Dashboard, Inbox, My Docs, and Transactions sections.

  • From the Dashboard:
  1. Right-click any document and select Fax.
  2. Enter the recipient's fax number and name.
  3. Click Send.

  • From your Inbox:
  1. Click the document to open the document preview.
  2. Click the Document Actions icon.
  3. Select Fax and enter the recipient's fax number and name.

  • From the My Docs and Transactions sections, both the right-click and Document Actions options are available for utilizing the fax feature.

Note: Fax confirmations can be found in the Activity log. This is located within the document preview in the upper-right corner.

Receiving a Fax

All paid DocuSign Transaction Rooms accounts include an unlimited allowance of inbound fax pages each month. All inbound faxes are automatically sent to your Inbox. Within your Inbox, you can view not only all of the faxes you've received, but also your fax number and inbound email address.

When a fax is sent your DTR fax number, you will receive an email notification instantly (if you have email notifications enabled). You will also see a small number above the Inbox section indicating how many documents are new and have not been viewed.

Once a fax is received, you can click on the fax and take whatever action is needed including faxing to another party, coping or moving to another transaction room, downloading, or deleting.

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