How to Bulk Review Tasks - Rooms for Real Estate v5

Within DocuSign Transaction Rooms: Broker edition, managers can review several tasks from one screen. This feature is called bulk review.
To Bulk Review:

  1. Select one or more tasks from either the documents or tasks tab by clicking the circle in the upper left corner or to the left of the task.
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  1. Once you’ve selected the tasks you’d like to bulk review, click the bulk Review icon located near the top of the Transaction Room.
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  1. From the Review Tasks model, you have several options available.
    1. Add a comment to a specific task. Comments are required for any task that is rejected.
    2. View a document. All documents need to be viewed by the approver before the document task can be approved.
    3. Approve or Decline all tasks shown. You cannot approve and decline specific tasks from this model. You can ONLY approve or decline ALL tasks from this bulk review feature.
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