How to move between DocuSign Transaction Rooms and DocuSign eSignature within each product

With the new DocuSign eSignature and DTR one login feature, it not only simplifies the log in process for DTR and DocuSign users, it also allows users to jump from one product to the other from within each application. If you have not currently utilized the one login feature, please click here for more information on how you can link both products together.
ACCESS: Only DocuSign for Realtors customers who have linked their DocuSign and DTR accounts will have access to this feature.


To move from DocuSign Transaction Rooms to DocuSign eSignature within DocuSign Transaction Rooms:

  1. Click on the My Account section in the upper right.
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  1. Click on Switch to eSignature.
  2. This will bring you directly to your DocuSign eSignature Home page.
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To move from DocuSign eSignature to DocuSign Transaction Rooms within DocuSign eSignature:

  1. Click the account dropdown arrow in the upper right of your Home page.
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  1. Click Switch to Transaction Rooms.
  2. This will bring you directly to your DocuSign Transaction Rooms Activity dashboard.
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Note: This feature will work only if you have an active session in either product. If your session times out (lack of activity), you will need to log in again.
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