How do I transfer my individual account and envelopes to a corporate plan?

Note: DocuSign DOES NOT execute the envelope transfer on behalf of accounts.

Step 1. On the individual account, enable envelope transfer capability.

The account administrator must contact DocuSign Support and ask a representative to enable the transfer envelope capability on the account. This feature is normally disabled by default for data security and protection, and you cannot enable it on your own. For assistance, please log in to the DocuSign Support Center using your DocuSign credentials and submit a Support Case. If you cannot log in to the DocuSign Support Center, you can also submit a Support Case from our Contact Support page.

Note: Not all DocuSign accounts allow envelope transfer.

Step 2. On the corporate account, set up user permissions to receive envelopes.

The corporate account administrator must set you up as a user, and your user permissions must allow you to have envelopes transferred to you. Once the user account is set up, you can have envelopes transferred to it.

Important! Company policy or security concerns might prohibit the account administrator on the corporate account from giving you permission to transfer envelopes into its system. DocuSign CANNOT override these client account policies or settings.

Step 3. On the individual account, transfer envelopes.

The account administrator on the individual account does the envelope transfer once the user permissions are in place on the corporate account.