How do I transfer my corporate account and envelopes to an individual plan?

Note: DocuSign DOES NOT execute the envelope transfer on behalf of accounts.

The ability to transfer envelopes between accounts, especially from a corporate account to an individual account, is affected by the following:

  • Company policies must allow the transfer to a private account of the envelopes that you created while you were with the company.
  • The individual account receiving the envelopes must have the permission Transfer Envelopes to User enabled 
    Note: If this permission is grayed out, you must contact DocuSign Customer Support to have it enabled.
  • The corporate account administrator must perform the transfer on behalf of the user. 

Note: Not all DocuSign accounts allow envelope transfer.

Important! DocuSign CANNOT override these client account policies or settings.

  • You must already have a new individual account. You cannot transfer any envelopes until you open and activate an account that can receive the envelopes. Go to DocuSign Pricing, choose your plan, and complete the sign-up and activation process. You are automatically the account administrator on your own individual account.

If the above conditions are met and the accounts allow envelope transfer, you can start the envelope transfer process. See How do I transfer envelopes?