How do I specify a URL to redirect to when a PowerForm is completed?


You need to specify a custom destination URL for a PowerForm signer on signing complete.


  • You will need to be an DocuSign Admin
  • You will need custom Branding enabled on your account

There are two possible experiences for destination URLs. The first signer and any subsequent signers are handled differently. When using a direct PowerForm, the first signer is an "embedded" or "in-session" signer in an envelope. 

  • For the first signer - In-Session Landing Pages take precedence over the destination URLs defined for the signing brand as follows: 
    • For a direct PowerForm the recipient is an embedded signer and will either be redirected to the specified In-Session Landing Pages (if defined), or they will go to the DocuSign default destination pages. 
    • For a PowerForm that uses email validation, the first signer is no longer an embedded signer and will experience the same behavior as subsequent signers as explained below. 
  • For subsequent signers - Signing brand URLs are applied. 

To specify post-signing destinations for first, embedded signers, also known as "in-session" signers

  1. In DocuSign Admin, click Signing Settings. 

  2. Click In-session Landing Pages. Make the desired changes and click Save.  If you have custom URLs for your in-session landing pages, enter the URL in appropriate field and save. Note that in-session landing pages supersede any destination URLs you may have defined in the Signing brand that is applied to the PowerForm's associated template.  

To specify post-signing destinations for subsequent signers, or for the first, embedded signer of a direct PowerForm (if no in-session Destination URLs are defined), or for the first signer of an email validation PowerForm

  1. In DocuSign Admin, click Brands. (Learn more about these steps in the guide about Branding.)
  2. Locate the signing brand you want to configure and click the action menu and select Edit.
  3. In the Advanced Configuration section, click Destination URLs.
  4. In the Configure Destinations dialog, for each action you want to configure:
    • Click in the value box.
    • Enter the complete URL of the web page you want to direct signers to for the specified action. Example:
    • (Optional) To add merge fields to the URL string enter a question mark (?) at the end of the web page URL, then add a query string with the name/value pairs of the contextual parameters you want to pass to the landing page. Click the INSERT MERGE FIELD drop down to select the field to insert. Example:[[RecipentName]]&email=[[RecipientEmail]]
  5. (Optional) To reset any destination to the DocuSign default, simply delete your custom entry in the field.
  6. To finish and save your changes, click SAVE.
Note: If you have a custom Destination URL set, recipients will not who are signing via a PowerForm will not be prompted to save a copy if they are the initiator. 

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