How do I sign a document with the DocuSign for Gmail add-on?

Using the DocuSign for Gmail add-on to send an envelope for signature

After you have installed and configured the DocuSign for Gmail add-on, you are ready to sign attachments you received in your email. 

To sign a document

  1. Open any Gmail message which includes at least one compatible attachment.
    • Please note the DocuSign for Gmail add-on only supports signing files up to 25 MB in the following formats: .tif, .rtf, .pdf, .docx, and .doc.
  2. Click the DocuSign add-on logo on the right
DocuSign for Gmail add-on icon
  1. Select which document(s) you would like to sign
    1. Note: All attachments in the email will be selected by default. De-select any which you do not want to sign.
  2. Select who needs to sign. You are selected by default, so no action is needed here.
  3. Click Next to launch a new tab where you can sign your document using Free Form Signing.
DocuSign for Gmail - Next (to Sign)
  1. Once you click Finish, the new tab will close and you will be returned to your Gmail message with a few follow-up options:
DocuSign for Gmail - Signing Completed
  • Select SEND BY EMAIL to start a new Gmail draft with the completed document attached 
  • Select VIEW AND DOWNLOAD to see your completed envelope in a new tab where you can print or download.
  • Select OK to return to the main add-on menu.