How do I review a document with Document Markup changes and approve/decline the changes?

If another recipient makes a change to a document you previously signed, you receive an email message saying that the document contains a suggested change and who made the change. When you open the document, you will see a new "Initial" tag in the right-hand margin of the document on the same line where the change was made.

Note: If you added or changed a markup box and that box was modified by another signer, your initials from your previous change are removed from the document. However, the information about the change is retained in the document history.


In the following example, one signer changed the time period by placing the markup box on the text and adding "six months". An Initial tag appears on the document.

Markup Review_Changed text

To review and approve/decline Document Markup changes

  1. Do one of the following:
  • If you approve the change, click the Initial tag(s) to complete the document.
  • If you decline the change, you can change the information in the markup box, add a new markup box, or decline to sign the document. If you make a change or add a new markup box, you must initial the change or addition.
  1. After initialing any changes or making changes, complete signing the document normally. The envelope is sent to the next recipient. If a subsequent recipient makes changes, an email is sent to recipients that previously completed the document.

These changes and counter-changes can continue until all recipients agree to the changes or someone declines to sign the document. All of the changes are recorded in the document history.

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