Rooms for Real Estate - How do I perform an in-person signing?

You can now use DocuSign Transaction Rooms to sign documents in person rather than sending an envelope containing documents to be signed. This feature is only available on the mobile application for tablet devices.

Performing an in-person signing using a tablet

Note: If you tap No, you will be directed to the Envelopes tab of the current transaction room and will be prompted to create an envelope to send any signers that are not present.

Note: DocuSign account holders that signed in at the previous step will see the signature associated with their account. Non-DocuSign account holders will be prompted to Draw Your Signature or Take Picture of Signature.

  1. From the home screen, tap the Menu icon.

  1. Tap My Docs or Transaction Rooms and navigate to the desired folder or transaction room.
  2. From a My Docs folder or the Documents tab in a transaction room, tap the desired document.
  3. Tap the SIGN icon.

  1. If all signers are present, tap Yes to have the document signed in person.

  1. Tap to select the signers you wish to have sign this document in person. Ensure your name is selected if you need to sign. When finished, tap CONTINUE.

  1. You can now snap a picture of the signers. Tap the small camera icon to start your camera app. You do not need to add an image of the signer to ensure the total legality of the e-signature. This security feature is optional.
  2. Tap CONFIRM.


  1. Tap to select the first signer, then pass your device to the signer and have them tap OK.
  2. If the signer has a DocuSign account, tap Yes and log into their account. If they do not have an account, tap No to proceed with adopting a new electronic signature.

  1. At the signing window, your signer can drag and drop an assortment of tags into the document. They can choose Signature, Initial, My Name, Date Signed, Text, Company, Title and Checkbox. Locate and scroll to the area of the document where a tag should be placed.

  1. If you need a signature, drag and drop the Signature tag from the menu to the location on the document where the signature is needed.
  2. To draw a new signature, tap Draw Your Signature. Choose your pen style and color, then draw your signature. You can tap the X to clear your signature and try again. You can use your finger or a stylus to sign. When finished, tap Adopt.

  1. To capture an existing signature, tap Take Picture of Signature. Use the device camera to take a picture of the signature. When finished, tap Adopt.
  2. Once all tags have been placed, tap FINISH, then tap Complete.
  3. Repeat the process for any additional in-person signers.

  1. Once all signers have completed their action and signing has been confirmed as complete, a copy of the signed document will be placed into the original transaction room.


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