How do I move an Integrator Key from one account to the other?


An account closure or migration is necessary, but the previous account is associated with an Integrator Key. While the closure of an account associated with an integrator key will not immediately impact the integration itself, it will prevent the integration's owner from managing Secret Keys or Redirect URIs. For this reason, it may be desirable to transfer an integrator key from one account to another.


A case will need to be filed with DocuSign Customer Support. In this case, please include the following:
The integrator key in question:
The current account name and number with the integrator key:
Email address of an active administrator on the source account:
The destination account name and number for the integrator key to be transferred to:
Email address of an active administrator on the destination account:

An Account Change Request form will be filed, which will require the signatures of administrators on both accounts. The admin contacts for both accounts can be the same, as long as that user is an active admin on both accounts. Once signed, the request will take at least one business day to process.