How do I migrate Docusign for Salesforce to the latest version?

The current version of DocuSign for Salesforce requires at least version 5.6 to update. If you have not updated in a while and are running a version before 5.6, you will need to update to 5.6 before continuing the update. If you try to update to the current version from a version prior to 5.6,  the update will fail.

Before Starting

Check the version of DocuSign for Salesforce.  To do so, from your Salesforce account, go to your Setup page, then click Build > Develop > Installed Packages.

Build > Develop > Installed Packages

The version you are using should display:

determining version

To upgrade from a version earlier than 5.6

Click the link appropriate to your environment:
You'll need to install this first. That will update you to 5.6. You should install it for your entire installation of Salesforce when you go through the installation process.

Note: It can take a significant amount of time to update - at least 5 minutes, possibly more - so if it takes time to update, this is not a problem with the installation, it is normal.

Once you are at version 5.6

From your Salesforce account, go to your Setup page, click Build >  Develop, and then click on AppExchange Marketplace:

Build > Develop > AppExchange Marketplace

Once you are in the Marketplace, search for DocuSign, and find "DocuSign Electronic Signatures - DocuSign for Salesforce (e-Signature)"  Click the "Get It Now" button. You will need to log into the AppExchange using your production Salesforce credentials, even if the update is to a sandbox. You should choose the manner of installation: 

choose for all instances or just sandbox
Agree to the terms and conditions, and then confirm and install.  As before, this can take a few minutes.

Once this is completed, you will be using the most up-to-date version of DocuSign for Salesforce.