How do I let a signer make changes to a document?

Note: The Document Markup feature is supported only in the Advanced Workflow Module. Your account may not support this option. 

How it works

Using the DocuSign Document Markup feature, recipients can make changes to a DocuSign document. Recipients can use the markup tool to:

  • "White out", or cover up, document text to show deletions
  • Cover up text and add new text over the old text
  • Add new text in a blank region of the document

If a recipient makes changes, all other recipients must review and approve the changes. Recipients that signed a document before the changes were made receive a new email notification, must review the document again, and then approve the changes before the document is finalized.

Tip! Add a note to your recipients informing them that they can use the mark up feature.

Your recipients receive the request to sign a document and, during the signing process, they have the option to use the markup tool.

Note: All changes that recipients make are recorded in the document history.