How do I prepare an envelope to get signatures from two or more recipients who use the same email address?

If two or more people use the same email address, you can make sure that each person ("recipient") signs your documents correctly by following the guidelines below. 

  1. From your DocuSign Account, click NEW, then click Send an Envelope.
  2. In the "Add Recipients" section, add your recipients:
​​​Add Recipients
  1. Type the email address and name of the first recipient, then click "Add Recipient".
  2. Type the same email address for the second recipient, but type in a different recipient name.
Please note:  We suggest that you check the box Set Signing Order to avoid email notifications from simultaneously being sent to your signers who share an email address. You can manually adjust the order which recipients will receive the emails for this envelope by entering in sequential numbers next to the Recipients. 
User-added image
  1. Continue for each additional signer, setting their roles to "Needs to Sign", or other roles, as needed.
  2. Each of your recipients will receive their own email notification at the same email address. In order to keep the signing ceremony straight-forward, we recommend that you select the checkbox next to "Custom email and language for each recipient" under the "Message to All Recipients" section. This will allow you to type a custom email subject and email message to each recipient. 

Message to All Recipients

Alternatively, you can create a private message (if the custom email message option is not available for example) to address each recipient. Next to each recipient, choose More then click on Add a Private Message, then click Close, and type specific text that will appear in the email notification to that signer.  

  1. Click "Next" on the top, right corner of the page, as usual. 
  2. Place fields for each recipient, as usual. Make sure you have the correct recipient selected when placing fields.
  3. Send the document by clicking "Send" on the top, right corner, as usual. 



Do I need to contact the Signers?

If you'd like to, you can advise the recipients that they will be receiving multiple DocuSign emails at the same address, and to make sure to sign the envelope that prompts them to adopt their correct name when signing. If you chose to customize the email language for each recipient, the signing process should be clear from each email subject and message. 

Will signing look different than normal?

All the recipients need to make sure that they review and complete the signing process only on the email that has their name on it. After one recipient completes signing, they should sign out of DocuSign and close the browser. Then have the other signer sign their portion, by clicking "Review Documents" from their email notification. If the signer has further questions, they should contact the sender of the envelope. 

What do I do if I opened the wrong Email Notification

If one signer opens the envelope to sign from another person's email notification (by clicking "Review Documents") by accident, they should select "Other Actions" from the top, right menu, then choose "Finish Later". And then open the correct email notification to complete their own signing ceremony. Setting a Signing Order will help alleviate this mistake for your signers. Just click "Set Signing Order" above the list of recipients in the Envelope when sending or correcting the Envelope. 

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