How do I find an Envelope ID as a recipient / signer?

DocuSign assigns a unique Envelope ID for each envelope created. This unique identifier is a key piece of data DocuSign Support needs to provide the best level of service and quickest resolution to an issue you may be facing. If you have an active DocuSign Account, please consult the article: How Do I Find My Envelope ID? If you do not have an active account or only have access to an email notification to sign at the moment, please continue reading.

If you're simply a recipient/signer of an envelope it's likely you are only able to access it from an email link. The email link alone can be provided to a support expert for him/her to retrieve the Envelope ID. He/she does not need to and will not actually access that link. The Envelope ID from the contents of the link itself are all that is required. If you are comfortable providing this to support, that is the best route to take:

Note: All of the below steps should also be options when using a mobile device but experiences my vary.

  1. Open the email notification from you email inbox (i.e. Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail)
  2. Ctrl-click (Option-click on a Mac) the Review/View Document button (the name of the button will be different based on which type of notification you are leveraging i.e. View Documents, but as long as there is one, then there is a link)
  3. Select Copy Link Location (name may vary depending on your email client)
  4. Paste the link into any text editor
  5. Provide this link to the support expert you're working with
Review Documents Link
Another option is the 'Access Documents' security code, located in the footer of the email notification.
Providing this code to the support expert will also allow him/her to find your Envelope ID.
Access Documents Code
If you would rather not provide these data points and are able to open the envelope from the link yourself, there are a couple of places to get directly to the Envelope ID from within that signing/viewing experience.
  1. Click the Review/View Document button/link
  2. Once in the signing/viewing session, click Other Actions
  3. Select Session Information
Other Actions - Session Information  
  1. From the following dialog, you have a couple of options. Either select Copy to Clipboard (to copy all of the information in that dialog, or select & copy/paste the Envelope ID and provide that to your support expert.
Session Information Dialog

Note: If for some reason you don't have the Other Options > Session information option, you can find the Envelope ID from other selections depending on your access rights: View History, View Certificate of Completion. Both of these areas also display the Envelope ID. Additionally, if stamping is enabled on the documents, the Envelope ID will reside on the top left corner of each.

What if I don't have/can't find an email notification and I'm unable to get to the viewing/signing session?

Without these two being a viable option, did you happen to download the documents previously? If so and you can locate them, look for the Envelope ID in the upper left-hand corner of each document.

What if none of the above methods are a viable option?

In this case, unfortunately, your support expert may be unable to assist. We recommend you reach out to the sender of the envelope.