How do I enable Bulk Send for one or more users?


Bulk Send is enabled on the account, but certain users are unable to see Bulk Send when creating an envelope.

Note: This scenario applies to all permissions, but it most commonly occurs with Bulk Recipients, Template Creation, and Address Book Permissions.

Diagnosis or probable cause

Administrators will often enable the Bulk Recipient feature on the Permission Profile/Set level.

While this will enable the feature for all users who are under that Permission Profile/Set (DocuSign Sender, Administrator, etc.), it is possible for Admins to add users to their DocuSign account without ever specifying a Permission Profile/Set for that user.

When this occurs, the user will need to be added to the Permission Profile, or the Bulk Recipient feature will need to be enabled on the user level.


  1. Create a Permission Profile with "Allow sending to bulk list" checked.
  2. Assign Users this Permission Profile.
    • In DocuSign Settings, click Users.
    • In the Actions drop down, select Edit.
    • In the Permission Profile drop down, select the newly created "bulk send" permission profile.