How do I create and manage custom fields?

You can create custom versions of standard fields and save them for reuse in future documents.

You can also create custom fields directly in the Add Fields view, when you apply recipient fields to a document. 

Note: Some advanced features and options are supported only in certain DocuSign plans. For more information, check your account plan or contact your Account Manager.

To manage custom fields

  1. Go to My Preferences > Sending and Signing > Custom Fields.
  2. To create a new custom field:
    1. Click ADD NEW FIELD.
    2. Enter the properties for the field.
    3. Click SAVE.
  3. To edit or delete an existing custom field:
    1. Select the field from the Custom Fields list.
    2. To edit, change the properties as desired and click SAVE.
    3. To delete, click DELETE.