How do I contact DocuSign Customer Support?

DocuSign Customer Support leverages data and technology to best serve our customers. We are continually evolving our customer experience to scale to the volume and complexity of customers' needs. Check this page for updates and developments to our Customer Support experience and check out the different support options below.

Open a Support Case

Get connected with the right expert in the fastest way possible. A specialized expert will contact you back in your channel of choice whether that's via phone, email, or online comments in the DocuSign Support Center. Please follow these easy steps in order to submit a case and choose how you would like to be contacted by DocuSign Customer Support. 


Meet Sofia, DocuSign’s Automated Assistant! Sofia has the answers to our most frequently asked questions. Click the Chat bubble on our Contact Support page and ask away!


Connect with DocuSign customers, partners, and employees to get answers to your questions, learn and share ideas.


Need help logging in and can’t get the Password Reset process to work? The Webform allows you to contact DocuSign Support without logging in. 
Note: The Webform is only meant for situations where you cannot log in. For technical assistance, please use one of the other Support options above.