How do I configure transaction details within DocuSign Rooms for Real Estate?

To help DocuSign Rooms for Real Estate better fit the organizations using it, we created a configurable “Transaction Details” section. The company admin of each organization can adjust not only what is visible to internal and external users, but also what is required when a Transaction Room is created, and what is required before submitting a Transaction Room for final review. This has become a very powerful tool for organizations that lean heavily on our Details section, as it allows them to utilize DocuSign Rooms as a type of data aggregator.

Let’s a take a look at how Broker Edition users can access the “Transaction Details” section and what the implications are of enabling particular detail fields within a Transaction Room.

Locating the Transaction Details section:

  1. Sign into the company admin account for your organization. Please reach out to your DocuSign Account Manager or Support if you have issues signing into this account.
  2. Click the circle icon with your picture, and then select "Admin". 
User-added image
  1. Click “Company” in the upper left.
  1. Click on the “Transaction Details” section.

Within “Transaction Details”, you have four options for each data field:


  • Use: With this enabled (changing the blank circle to a blue check mark), that particular field will be utilized within the Details section of all Transaction Rooms within your organization. As you’ll see when accessing this section within your own account, some fields have already been enabled and grayed out as they are required fields within DocuSign Transaction Rooms (Address 1, City, State, and Postal Code). If “Use” is disabled, the field will not be visible nor usable within Transaction Rooms by anyone within your organization.
  • Visible To All: With this enabled, every participant in the Transaction Room will be able to access this data via the Details tab. This includes all users who are invited from both sides of the transaction. If this is disabled, only the participants who are on the owner’s side of the Transaction Room will see these fields.
  • Required to Create: With this enabled, that particular field will be added to the Transaction Room creation page, where the information for that field will be required in order to continue with the Transaction Room creation.
  • Required to Submit: With this enabled, that particular field will have the appropriate information provided before submitting the Transaction Room for final review. If you choose to enable “Required to Create”, we will automatically turn on “Required to Submit” for you.