How do I add fields to a document?

To add fields to a document

  1. From the Send a Document view, click Next.
  2. In the Recipients List, select a recipient. 
    Note: The fields you add apply only to the selected recipient. You can only add fields for the recipients you designated as signers.
  3. In the Page Guide, select a page you want to tag with fields. 
  4. From the Fields Palette, click and drag one of the available field types to add it to the active page. Learn more about field types.
  5. To adjust the size of a field, click and drag on the drag handle on the lower-right corner of the field.
  6. To align fields, select two or more fields (SHIFT + Click or click and drag), and use the alignment tools in the Field Properties panel: 
  1. Use the Page Guide to scroll through the pages and add more fields for your recipient as desired.
  2. To add fields for the rest of your document recipients, repeat steps 2 through 4.