How do I use DocuSign to read and write documents to my Box account?

Pulling Documents from Box

In order to pull documents from Box ( items 2 and 3 are typically set up by default):
  1. A valid Box account.
  2. External Envelope Sources Enabled.
  3. Box needs to be a connected application.


  1. Create a new Document.
  2. From the Add Documents screen, click the drop down box for Get From Cloud.
  3. Click Box.
Note: If the app is not connected or External Envelope Sources are disabled, this option will not be present.

  1. If you have not already connected to your Box account, you will be prompted with a new login window. Enter your Box Credentials, then click Grant Access to Box.
  1. Once connected, the folders will populate below the Box item. Select the folder then click Add Selected.


Sending Envelopes or Documents to Box

Currently there are two methods of sending items to Box.
  1. Sending envelopes back as an email attachment.
  2. Using the Box Connect object.

Sending envelopes back as an email attachment

In order to send items back via email, you will need to configure the folders in your Box account. While setting these folders up you can specify that you want the ability to add items to the folder via email. You are then provided a unique email address by Box which you can add as a Carbon Copy for your Documents or PowerForms.
Note: This method will not attach completed documents that are larger than 5 MB, Or if you have “Attach documents to completed envelope email” disabled.
  1.  Log into Box.
  2. Create a new folder, name it "Box Email Test", then click the folder name to open it.

  1. Click the "" option at the top right of the page
  2. Click Settings 
       5. Scroll down the Uploading section, click on 'Allow uploads to this folder via email' and update
the Upload Email Address to your own email address.  

Note: The cumulative size of the message body and attachments (including signature) cannot exceed 50MB.

Using the Connect object to write back to Box

The second option for writing back to Box is via the Connect object. In order for you to take advantage of this option, you will need Connect enabled for your plan.
Note: Connect is not available for all plans. Please visit our Contact Support Page and create a case to request the feature.

Create the connect object

  1. Have a DocuSign Administrator click Settings from top banner across the main DocuSign page
  2. At the bottom left under Integrations, click Connect.
  3. At the top right, click Add Configuration and select Box.
Sample Box Connect Setup


Particular users are not writing back to Box
Open the Box Connector object and ensure they are set as associated or integrated users.
I don’t see an option for Box from the Cloud Storage / Online Documents List
Check your Connected / Associated apps, ensure that Enable External Document Sources has Box checked.
I’m attempting to send via email attachment but it’s not going through.
Check the envelope history or Envelope Summary from the Manage / Documents screen, if the email is incorrect there should be an email rejection notice. Check the Email Sharing settings inside of Box and ensure the correct email address is being used.
Can I have different templates send to different Box Folders?
Using the Email CC method listed above you can send to different Box Folders by using the different email upload address that are provided when enabling upload via email attachment.

Why is there a size limitation to the items that you can send back via Email CC?
Most email servers have size limitations, due to this DocuSign limits the attachments to completion emails to 5 MB. If they were to increase the size some customers would being receiving their completion notices minus attachments or the completion email could be rejected entirely.