Get Started as a DocuSign eSignature Admin (part two)

This is part two of how to get started as a DocuSign eSignature Admin. If you have not read part one, please refer to this article. 

Step 1

Create a template for anything you send regularly.
Watch this video to learn how.

Step 2

Train your users. 
Admins are typically responsible for helping your organization use DocuSign successfully.

Step 3

Add branding. 
To customize the look and feel of your DocuSign account, add your organization's branding.


*Logging into DocuSign University

You can login with your DocuSign account credentials to access all DocuSign University courses. 

If you don't have a DocuSign University account, select "Register." You will receive an email when your account is activated. 


To expand the support of our global learners and reduce ticket response time, DocuSign University will now provide support through our DocuSign Support Center. For questions, customers can contact DocuSign University:

  • When to submit DocuSign Support Tickets: Questions about the LMS, access to courses, course payment, or miscellaneous requests and questions should be submitted by filing a DocuSign Support Ticket via our Support Center. To do so, log into the DSC with your DocuSign credentials, select “add new case,” and fill out a case intake form.
  • When to email
    • Have trouble accessing a live training.
    • Do not have a product license.
    • Custom/Private Training inquiries and content questions.
  • DocuSign Partners: Please email with all questions.