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What is Geolocation?

Geolocation is a technology used to determine a user's location and share that information with trusted websites.

I'm concerned about privacy issues associated with sharing my location. Can I turn geolocation off or refuse to share it?

Privacy is an obvious concern when you're talking about sharing your physical location with a remote web server. The geolocation API explicitly states: "User agents must not send location information to websites without the express permission of the user." In other words, sharing your location is always optional. If you don't wish to share your location with DocuSign Rooms, you don't have to.

How is Rooms for Real Estate using my geolocation?

The geolocation API built into all modern browsers lets you share your location with us. The latitude and longitude are then available via JavaScript, which we pass into our system to generate a map view that displays your current location and your most recently created Transaction Rooms within a 200 mile radius.

How do I take advantage of the geolocation feature?

As stated above, the geolocation API is supported by all modern browsers on both desktop and mobile devices. If you have one of the following browsers, you will be able to use our geolocation functionality:

Geolocation API Support
Internet Explorer9.0+

When attempting to retrieve your geolocation, the browser will display a dialog box asking for permission to share your location with us. Simply click "allow" (or the equivalent, depending on your browser) to take full advantage of our geolocation functionality.

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