Freeform signing not allowed when Document Visibility is enabled

Error: "Freeform signing is not allowed for your account because it conflicts with other settings, please place fields for each signer."
Error you could see

If you see this error when trying to send a document with no fields placed (which puts the recipient into a free-form signing experience), it could be due to one of the following reasons: 
  1. Your account has Document Visibility enabled. If Document Visibility is set to anything but "Off", then this disallows sending documents without tags.
Solution:  Turn it off in the Admin Area (or have your Admin do it, if you're not the Admin), then sign out and sign back in and you will be able to send documents through this Express Send, or Free-Form option. 
  1. An account feature may be disabled disallowing free-form sending on your account.
Solution:  Contact DocuSign Support.