FAQs related to DocuSign for Microsoft Outlook (Web)

When does the DocuSign application appear in the Outlook apps toolbar?

  • The DocuSign application appears in the toolbar when an attachment is included in an email message.

    f I am an admin of Office 365 and would like to upgrade to a paid DocuSign account, what do I do?

    Why do I have to log in to DocuSign to sign or get signatures on an email attachment?

    • Since DocuSign is a secure and legal service, we verify identity before allowing you to sign a document in Office 365. Then, all of your signed documents are automatically stored back into your DocuSign account for easy access.

    I clicked the link to send the signed attachment back to the sender. Nothing happens. Why?

    • Ensure that you have popup blocking disabled in your browser for the website. Outlook WebApp replies are brought up as new windows.

    Where is my signed document saved in OneDrive?

    • The signed document is saved in a designated folder called "DocuSign Documents".

    How many times can I sign an attachment?

    • You can sign an attachment as many times as you would like. Each signed PDF is saved as a different signed document in your DocuSign account.

    How do I change the signature I adopted?

    • Within DocuSign for Outlook, navigate to the menu in the upper left hand corner. Select Go to DocuSign. The DocuSign home page appears. Click Preferences and Manage Identity to adopt a new signature.

    I do not see the templates option in the new mail/reply window in Outlook. Why?

    • If you do not see the Choose Template option in the new mail/reply window in Outlook, your DocuSign account is not enabled with the templates feature. Contact sales@docusign.com for more information.

    How do I disable or uninstall DocuSign for Outlook?

    • Within Office 365, go to the menu in the upper right hand corner and select "manage apps".

      Select DocuSign for Outlook and click the Disable link on the right hand side. Once it is disabled, you will no longer see the DocuSign application in the Outlook apps toolbar.

      Select the garbage can icon in the top toolbar to uninstall the application.

    Can I use DocuSign for Outlook with Outlook 2013?

    • No.

    How do I give feedback on DocuSign for Outlook?

    • Within DocuSign for Outlook, navigate to the menu in the upper left hand corner. Select Send Feedback. This will generate an email to outlookwebfeedback@docusign.com. Thanks for your feedback!

    I love this! How do I leave a review?

    • Go to the DocuSign for Outlook listing on the Office.com Store. Click the Reviews tab and Write your own review. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us!