Deleting Envelopes in DocuSign FAQ

I'm a sender, what does deleting an envelope do?

* Please be aware that once an envelope is deleted from your account, it cannot be restored. *

Deleting an envelope moves the envelope from the folder it is stored into the Deleted folder. Deleting an envelope voids "in process" envelopes and moves them to the Deleted folder. For additional details, read Delete Envelopes.

I'm a signer, and I don't want to sign this document, can I delete it?

As a signer, you can delete an "in process" envelope you have received without signing it. This does not decline signing and you will continue to receive notifications to sign. For additional details on how to decline to sign, read Decline to Sign.

I'm a signer on my own "in process" envelope, can I delete it?

As a sender who is also a signer, the same envelope will appear in your Inbox, Sent folder, and the Action Required quick view. If you delete the in process envelope from any one of these locations, you will void the envelope for all parties. 


Delete Envelopes