FAQs Related to DocuSign for Dropbox

Do I have to have a paid Dropbox account to use DocuSign?

DocuSign is available to any Dropbox user - both free and paid accounts.

Can I store templates in Dropbox?

Templates aren't available on the free DocuSign plan, but with a paid account you'll be able to upload templates anytime in the DocuSign Web Application at www.docusign.net. You cannot set up a template with the Chrome Extension, currently only signing and requesting signatures are available.

Do I have to have to use the same email for DocuSign and Dropbox?

No, you can link any account. When you're prompted to sign in to your Dropbox account from within DocuSign, you can use your existing Dropbox credentials. From then on, your accounts will be linked and you'll be able to sign and send Dropbox documents and access any completed documents in DocuSign.