FAQ about the migration of the datacenter hosting Protect & Sign

Why is DocuSign France asking me to migrate production environments?

For several months now, DocuSign France has been working on setting up a new datacenter for the provision of various services. This new datacenter will meet the ongoing needs of our customers to have a solution that is ready, in terms of availability, response times, and the ability to cope with workload peaks. These factors have all been included in the design, architecture and deployment of the new datacenter.
In making this new datacenter available, we need to ask our customers to update their production environment regarding requests made to the service provided by DocuSign France.

What are the stages involved in this migration?
The migration is scheduled to take place in two stages:
  • Firstly, a verification stage for the integration of the demonstration environment made available by DocuSign France.  This step makes it possible to ensure that the new URLs work properly, that there is an open flow between the two entities, and that the certificate authority trust chain is in place.
  • Following this is the migration to the actual production environment.

What do I have to do to migrate and what will be the impact for me?
  • To be able to migrate to the new production environment, you will firstly need to update:
  • The access URL to the solution provided by DocuSign France. This will differ from the current URL and the associated server certificate.
  • Connection certificates to the solution provided by DocuSign France (known as A and S certificates). These certificates are supplied by DocuSign France. There are two cases to be considered:
    • In the demo environment, DocuSign France directly provides you with keystore files (“P12” types), and you will receive the associated passwords via a DocuSign transaction. The certificate will be activated upon receipt of the signature of the DocuSign document containing the passwords.
    • In the production environment, the process is identical to the one used for retrieving A and S certificates in the current datacenter that you are already familiar with (certificate request form to be completed and signed by the technical contact on the customer’s side, creation of certificates by DocuSign, transmission of these certificates to the customer).
  •  Seal certificates (also known as organization certificates) that need to be created in the new production environment. The renewal process for these certificates will be simplified for this update, as long as their content is identical to the current production certificates (including the service name and trading name) and the proof of ID for customer contacts enabling such certificates to be issued is unchanged and still valid. 
The configuration content for the production environment is copied over to the new datacenter in order to mirror the current service operation (consent protocol, workflow, type of signature, and appearance). This operation will be performed in advance by DocuSign France staff.

 It is the responsibility of each customer to contact DocuSign France to finalize the migration operation through the creation of the necessary certificates, to render the new environment fully operational through the use of the new connection URL.

How long will it take to complete this migration?
DocuSign France must stop using the current datacenter on October 31 this year.

Each customer should contact DocuSign France to prepare their migration. Please note that this process has been simplified compared to the introduction of a new solution for a new customer (for example the existing consent protocols will be duplicated in their current form), but the creation of new connection certificates or seal/organization certificates will require a formal request being made to DocuSign France, and this may take some time to complete (form to be signed by the technical contact on the customer’s side). We estimate that all the operations necessary for the migration should take around two to three weeks to complete from the first contact made with DocuSign France (excluding any special cases requiring more time to sign forms with any given customer).

Each customer is therefore recommended to contact DocuSign France as soon as possible to enable this migration stage to be completed under the best possible conditions.

How will ongoing transactions be dealt with during migration?
At the time of the definitive migration to the production environment, a transaction may begin on the existing production environment and end in the new datacenter (including transactions requiring multiple signatures). In such cases, each datacenter will carry out the management of its own "part" of the transaction sent to it at the time the request is processed. On your side, this transaction should be managed in exactly the same way as it is currently dealt with—you should state which is the last signature, informing us that the transaction is then complete. On our side, we will update transactions begun in the current datacenter and to be completed in the new datacenter so that we can close these transactions in both environments.

Please note that from the point when the migration is performed, all new transactions will be entirely managed by the new datacenter completely independently of the previous one.

What about proof files (with CDC Arkhineo archiving and without CDC Arkhineo archiving)?
There are three cases to take into account:
  • A transaction is fully managed in the current datacenter
  • A transaction is fully managed in the new datacenter
  • A transaction begins in the current datacenter and ends in the new datacenter
In all these cases, if you have subscribed to an archiving service in an electronic safe with CDC Arkhineo, the various proof files will be sent to this archiving service.

Only in cases where a transaction has been processed by both datacenters will this be different. In these cases, there will be two proof files. The first relates to the part processed in the current datacenter and the second relates to the part processed in the new datacenter. Both proof files will ultimately include all the data linked to the transaction, as if there were a single, unique file (the metadata are identical for both proof files).

For customers without data-archiving facilities, the proof files will be available until October 31st. Depending on whether the transactions have been managed by a single datacenter or both, the proof files will have to be requested from one and/or the other datacenter.

Who contacts who? and when?

The process requires that all customers contact DocuSign France's Protect & Sign project team (psm-project@docusign.com). The project team can be contacted immediately.

How is the switchover tested in production to sign the acceptance certificate?

After the switch into production mode, DocuSign France provides the customer with a receipt to be signed for confirmation that the migration process has been completed.