End of Life Send Email on Behalf Of (SEOBO)

End of Life for "Send email on behalf of" feature

How does "Send email on behalf of - SEOBO" feature work?

By default, when a notification email is sent to a recipient, it is sent from the appropriate DocuSign server's email address (e.g. dse@docusign.net, dse-demo@docusign.net, etc.). The sender's email address is set as a "Reply-to" email address, but the official sender of the email is DocuSign, not the customer sending the envelope for signing.



Send Email on Behalf Of (SEOBO) behaves differently. When using SEOBO, the email shows as being sent from the sender, not from DocuSign. So, if the sender has an email address like sally@gmail.com, DocuSign will send the email on behalf of gmail.com domain and the recipient will see the sender's email address on the email header.

How can I check if  SEOBO is enabled on my account?

You can verify if SEOBO is used by sending an envelope activation email to an email address. If the Sender on the email notification is the email address of the user logged on DocuSign at the time the envelope was sent (the Sender) it means that SEOBO is enabled on that account.

Why "Send email on behalf of" will be retired?

eSign product's mail server IP address reputation is impacted when SEOBO senders do not manage configuring their mail servers to permit our product to impersonate them. The resulting impact is mail delivery failure, which is a critical impact to our product function and reputation. 

Loss of email reputation results in blocked/delayed email notification broadly across the entire customer base. When this occurs, and it has, there is an extreme impact to both availability of basic service and brand perception, with limited recourse even if support is engaged.

Today SEOBO is already deprecated, which means it cannot be enabled for new customers. DocuSign strongly recommends that SEOBO not be used, otherwise the customer is exposed to exceptionally high levels of failed notification emails.

What changes in the account when "Send email on behalf of" is disabled?

The account will not send emails on behalf of the Sender anymore and the default experience will return. The email header will show the appropriate DocuSign server's email address (e.g. dse@docusign.net, dse-demo@docusign.net, etc.). The sender's email address is set as a "Reply-to" email address. The customer will not be exposed to the increased risk of having their notifications going to spam and DocuSign will keep email reputation protected. 


 When will "Send email on behalf of" be disabled?

Starting April 2021, Customers (Account Admins) who have this functionality enabled on their account will receive an email informing them that the  "Send email on behalf of" (SEOBO) feature will be removed from their account. This will also include the shut off date of August 15th 2021. 

 If customers have any questions on what alternatives are available, they could consider availing of the Custom Email Domain feature. Please refer these customers to the Account Services Team. 

Will customers have another feature to allow them to customize email domains?

 We are launching a new feature called Custom Email Domain that will allow customers to configure one "Email From" per account. All outbound emails will use the same "Email From" (see image below). For assistance with getting this setup, log a case with the DocuSign Customer Support Team